Claranor Pulsed Light Sterilization
Pulsed Light Sterilization
Stérilisation par lumière pulsée


KOPLAS, 7-11 March 2017, SEOUL Claranor will be present with daesang.jpg

KOPLAS, 7-11 March 2017, KINTEX Claranor will be present with daesang

le 28 févr. 2017

Claranor will attend the trade-show for the first time with Daesang, its exclusive distributor in Korea.

Koplas is the Korea market place for plastic and rubber industries.

Health and wellness trend are driving food and beverage markets in Korea. The manufacturers innovate with more natural, preservative-free and organic products. Bottled water and plant water markets are booming. Therefore, in order to protect the product quality or/and to extend the product shelf-life the request for packaging sterilization is increasing.

Claranor designs innovative sterilization solutions for plastic packaging such as caps and cups using the power of pulsed light. Respecting the integrity of the material it offers a sustainable and economical alternative to chemical packaging sterilization solutions. Using no water and no chemical Claranor solutions are perfectly in line with the new requirements of the Korean manufacturers.


Claranor will exhibit on the Daesang boothP560.

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