Claranor Pulsed Light Sterilization
Pulsed Light Sterilization
Stérilisation par lumière pulsée


Claranor's Pulsed-Light Technology is a cleantech packaging sterilization method that uses no chemicals and no water.

Its compact footprint enables it to be easily integrated into existing or new lines, including high-speed.

, high decontamination levels are attained, up to 5 log reduction on both mold and bacteria.

And it’s cost effective! Low operating and low maintenance costs.


Pulsed-light technology is based on the bactericidal effect of intense flashes of white light generated by xenon lamp.
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Energy is accumulated in a capacitor, and a high voltage signal sparks an arc in a xenon lamp. This arc sets off a flash of intense luminosity. The flash lasts 300 microseconds. The flash covers the entire white light spectrum, but is particularly rich in UV rays.

A dual effect on microorganisms
The performance of the technology on packaging surfaces is due to a dual effect on microorganisms:
• Denaturation effect on the biomolecules by the UV rays
• Strong and instantaneous increase of the biochemical effect with physical consequences (temperature and pressure rise in the cells) due to the high power of the flash (short duration – high energy).
The reduction in decontamination is certified by an external laboratory, Fraunhofer.
The power of one flash can be expressed as follows:
Power = energy of the lamp/flahs duration = 300J/0.3 ms = 1MW