Claranor Pulsed Light Sterilization
Pulsed Light Sterilization
Stérilisation par lumière pulsée


How consumer trends influence the demand for sterilization

Beverage innovations and packaging sterilization: 
Why are they so tightly linked?

The beverage market seems to play a four-step, fast pace, ever evolving furious dance. See by yourself:

  • Step 1consumers are increasingly demanding clean labelled (additive and preservative free), natural, organic, higher sensorial and nutriotional quality and functional products. Read more
  • Step 2: bottlers, facing a fierce competition to catching up consumers’ interest, are constantly pushed to innovate: new markets, new packaging, new range of flavors (soft drinks, but also beer and wine categories). More information.
  • Step 3: governments are putting the industry under pressure with regard to food regulation (reduced choice of food additives, less chemicals preservatives), plants are required to comply with current international and standards norms. (cGMP, EN, ISO, FDA, …)
  • Step 4 high societal demand on sustainability (awareness about need for change in consumption patterns, protection of the environment and footprint reduction).

As a consequence, numerous new products on the market are more sensitive and introduce additional quality issues related to microbial spoilage.

This new product sensitivity requires new means and increased control on packaging sterilization.  

Claranor pulsed light technology is a perfect response to the above mentioned drivers:

  • It’s clean and safe, 100% sustainable : no water, no chemical

  • It’s highly efficient : destruction of all germs up to 5 log reduction
  • It’s adapted to high speed lines  : up to 90.000 caps/hour.

For more information, contact your sales representative, Mr Anthony Hereng.